#31VoicesForPride #31YearsOfPrideCatalogue Napo Masheane’s Letter part 2

Constitution Hill:


(By Napo Masheane ... For My Son)

I don’t love in whispers My love is not silence

I don’t love with caution My love is not careful

My love for you... Baby-Boy Consumes everything in its wake It is loud

It is bold

It is real

It is still

It is raw

It is awe

My love for you... Child Of Mine has no filters It does not cover up the face or pace

Only wraps up tears and fears

It keeps crying

It keeps trying

Holds tight to dreams Folds high in prayers

My love of us...Nna le Wena speaks things and secretly slips echoes to me

In the language only two hearts understand It keeps soiling

It spills

It keeps filling It spits

My love of you... My Nana

Simply bringing spiralling smiles when asleep Its core looks at your eyes

Where the LOVE light lies

Its heartbeat keeps

Staying lit with passionate fires

It hears

It smells

It leans

It learns even through your screaming silent cries

My waking words are a continuous rote... My Bobo Rolling out in he/she/ they/ them like best flight My heart... in love with you

Shows OFF

Splashes OUT

Speaks OUT Comes-OUT

and shares its write-ON

My life for you, Ngwanaka

Comes bearing my ALL

Allows me to choose our LOVE everyday Reminds me why I would choose to LOVE you And watch many sunsets and sunrises with you

For all these reasons, Bohlale ... Mummy raised you so high That every other human is doomed to live in your shadow

... So, hold on tight to your firmly rooted identity... Lesedi-La-Napo Embrace your sexuality... strongly... fully and unashamed

Under ever glittering star... come-OUT

Bold-Brave-Beautiful and BLACK

Stand-OUT with your bare soul

Un- apologetically...Un-Moved and Un-shakeable... Sh-OUT with your heart

And know that...

You are LOVE My LOVE...

That, your name will always be BELOVED

Napo Masheane’s Biography:

Is a multi-award-winning playwright, director, poet and acclaimed performer on both national and international stages? Napo is one of the leading South African black female theatre-makers, constantly crossing geographical, academic and artistic borders, through cultural exchanges, guest- lecturing, and with her provocative plays, ‘My Bum Is Genetic Deal With It‘,’A New Song ,‘ ‘KHWEZI... Say My Name’ and ‘My Vagina Was Not Buried With Him’, to name a few. A founding member of Feela Sistah! Spoken Word Collective and Village Gossip Productions and previously the Deputy Artistic Director at the South African State Theatre, with qualifications in Marketing Management, Speech & Drama and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, Napo has recently been appointed as the Artistic Director of Sibikwa Arts Centre.

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Napo Masheane (She/Her) Village Gossip Productions Free State/ Gauteng

FB: Napo Masheane/ IG: @popomaheane/ Twitter: MasheanePopo

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