THE PAI 5TH REGIONAL CONFERENCE 2021:‘Reclaiming Our Past – Defining Our Future’

Constitution Hill:

Reclaiming Our Past – Defining Our Future a dynamic Conference that was attended by 650 delegates from virtual spaces across the African country. 87 speakers from the continent will be addressing pertinent issues around LGBTIQ+ rights on the continent.

“We would never normally be able to meet with people from all five regions, particularly regions where there is incredible repression. These conferences allow for stronger regions – regions that have won some rights – to share stories about their strategies for bringing about change in their own countries,” PAI Executive Director Nate Brown said.

The conference will see leading continental activists such as:

Juliet Ulanmo an Advocate who runs a LGBTIQ+ NGO is Kano State, a state that practices Sharia law in northern Nigeria, Kevin Mwachiro previously the East Africa BBC correspondent who write prolifically about the LGBTIQ+ sector in Kenya; Anthony Oluoch who is a Kenyan activist who designed the PAI Conference Programme; and Edwin Cameron well known South African judge and activist. Who will be present as Moderators at ConHill.

Themes include: The Effects of the Pandemic on our Communities; Breaking the Silence on Mental Health; Decriminalisation Within and Beyond the Law; Religion and our Sexualities; and Embracing Social Justice by considering the Intersectionality of our Struggles. 19 satellite sessions spread across 3 days where delegates can hold conversations on: funding for social justice movements; the SDGs and LGBTIQ+ inclusion; queering sex education; among other incredible conversations.

“This conference programme is Pan African to its core. looking at the challenges we face as Africans and coming up with African solutions. It looks at our triumphs and envisions a future where LGBTIQ+ people enjoy all the rights and freedoms owed to us by virtue of being citizens of our various, diverse countries,” says Anthony Oluoch the Programme Director.

Pan Africa ILGA, known as PAI, has offices in Johannesburg and operates as a network of more than 250 organisations from all five regions across the African continent. The organisation aims to improve human rights of individuals on all grounds, including sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics.

The Conference was held at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. A most significant venue as the South African Constitution was the first in the world to prohibit all unfair discrimination based on sex, gender, or sexual orientation. There are spaces to interview key people who will be at the Conference for example The event is at the women’s jail so there is space outside for interviews, with all COVID protocol observed. There is a dynamic programme attached and any interviews can be set up.

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