ConHill Inspirational Women Feature: Lebogang Sibiya

Constitution Hill: Lebogang Sibiya

Lebogang Sibiya

During my last year in University, I was doing a six-month Public Relations Internship with a Media Company in Sandton. Then I got employed in a security company in KZN as a Sales Administrator and one as a Marketing Manager, this resulted in my three years stay in KZN. My skills and experience have grown in the field of PR and Marketing and being away from home helped me gain self-confidence and taught me how to be independent.

I then launched my magazine in September 2019 and decided to go back to Gauteng to pursue my dreams. The name of the Magazine is Women’s Club Magazine that features women in business especially those who are not easily recognized for their passion or talent to give them exposure and empower other women. In the year 2020, I registered a Non-profit Organization called Women Support Foundation that focuses on all women across SA working towards their journey to fulfil their destiny in Corporate, Social and the Business world by giving them a platform to speak, motivate, share ideas, express their life challenges that will change and empower other women. This happens through online workshops, seminars, upcoming shows, and documentaries which cover issues such as GBV and Health issues- I am honoured that the Organization got Nominated for the She Awards for its work.

I then discovered my passion for Public Relations while working with artists, conducting Radio Interviews, Talk Shows, organizing events and more. This motivated me to register my own Public Relations Agency, LP Media House, which serves the best with integrity and offers the following services: PR & Brand Management, TV & Podcast Production and Events Management. LP Media House is the publisher of Women’s Club Magazine. Owning this company reminds me of every time I went for a job interview and the question “Where do you see yourself in next 5 years”? came up- My answer used to be “owning my own PR agency. “, here I am… pursuing my dream.

Life was not easy for me while growing up. I had challenges in relationships, finances, and family issues. I became a very self-sufficient person while being an introvert and learned about independence at a young age in difficult times. I became more matured and grown spiritually. I felt like I wanted to talk to people, teach them how to do better, what steps to follow to be successful, and what to do in difficult times. That’s when I knew that I have a calling as a Motivational Speaker. I wanted to be heard, people came to me for advice, I have been invited to events and women conferences as a guest speaker, and now I have an ongoing opportunity to motivate on Radio Turf.

Constitution Hill: Lebogang Sibiya

Lebogang Sibiya

I am very committed to do everything in my power for this business to be a success and make a difference. I grab every opportunity that comes my way. I work Monday to Sunday till late, whether it’s weekend or public holiday I put my work first. I told myself my bank account must make me smile but if I’m still not happy about it then I will not rest. I think sleep is expensive. Most importantly, I engage myself with highly profiled business owners or those who were in the industry for too long so I can gain experience and learn from them, I take them as my mentors. I volunteer in other departments or organizations to gain more experience and allow people to advise me, and it helps to notice my mistakes, take that as a learning curve so I can do better. If there are calls for funding applications, women in business awards applications, I apply so my business can also be recognized.

I love working with young people and graduates from university because their minds are still fresh, and they need training in their field of studies. I have noticed that most students find it hard to get a proper job once they graduate, as I have also struggled to find the job I was looking for, until I decided to register my own PR agency. I am looking forward to having a good working relationship with universities, so that the last year students can be referred to my company to do in-service training every year. My projects were only focused on women. I’ve launched women’s club magazine in 2019 so I’ve decided to launch a Men’s Club and Kid’s Club publication by the end of 2022. I have been working on shooting documentaries about GBV and other family issues families are facing since 2020. I am currently working hard to make sure that at least the year 2023 they will be broadcasted on National TV.

The POWER OF VOLUNTEERING!! Is important. We take that lightly because there is no income, we forget that there is something that we benefit from volunteering that will help us in future. In high school I used to do community services, attended youth and entrepreneurship programs, and was awarded with certificates for all the programs. Today my certificates are working for my business. Other opportunities come once in lifetime; therefore, it is important to grab them with both hands. Also, it may not be an easy journey, however, the right time is coming, just keep going, don’t give up, and don’t be discouraged.

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