ConHill Inspirational Women Feature: Tinyiko Makwakwa

Constitution Hill: Tinyiko Makwakwa at work

Tinyiko Makwakwa at work

Tinyiko Makwakwa is a textile and fibre arts practitioner with a focus on natural dyes.

Her textile art journey began in her early childhood years, with basic crocheting and knitting, while she stopped to try out other popular hobbies of the time, the craft never left her. It came in handy about 5-6 years ago when she was seeking alternative therapeutic input.

The commitment to her work is laid out as a maker, mender, and meander manifesto. She believes that being a maker, is a whole lot more that crafting objects, being a mender is an intentional act of attending to grieve that far outreaches her own grieve and being a meander, is to simply will her intuitive landscape to remember the memory woven into the regenerative materials her uses. To think beyond the textile and tactility is to care about and towards a shared future.

The one piece of advice she'd like to share to inspire women is that we must do the work required to write ourselves into a history we will be proud of.

Follow her work and stay updated on instagram: @tinyikomakwakwa

Constitution Hill: One of Tinyiko Makwaka's pieces

One of Tinyiko Makwaka's pieces

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