ConHill’s Inspirational Women: Grace Coates

Constitution Hill:  Grace Coates

Grace Coates

As the daughter of two anti-Apartheid activists, I have always had a spirit of revolution in my blood. I started out studying film and media and worked in documentary film and archiving. I became interested in environmental issues, social justice issues and animal rights around this time. Thereafter, a master’s in business and 8 years as a Greenpeace volunteer lead me towards the role, I'm in today: Climate and Energy Campaign Support at Greenpeace Africa. The more I learn about how our planet is changing because of human actions, the more passionate I become about preserving the beauty of our planet, and innovating away from (rather than towards, as some would have it!) environmental destruction. For about a decade my goal was to be part of a Greenpeace team, and now that is a reality, I'm very happy to be where I am today.

If pressed to name some aspirations, however, I would love to go on a Greenpeace ship tour one day, and to one day begin my own social entrepreneurship venture. Our organisation is full of incredible women leaders, many of them African, and it makes me even prouder of where I work. I would encourage everyone to get involved in working against the destruction of our planet, because climate change statistically affects the most vulnerable of us most of all."

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