ConHill’s Inspirational Women: Rejoyce Makhetha (Motaung)

Constitution Hill:

Rejoyce Makhetha (Motaung) started her activism journey as a teenager in Sebokeng within the Vaal Triangle as a passionate youth leader empowering peers and community members to strive for better socio-economic conditions. She has a keen interest in creating collaborative environments for high impact and what inspires and keeps her motivated in her role is seeing young people achieve their potential and work together to become limitless and creating limitless societies. Rejoyce is committed to working with young people and community members to build leadership, organize for impact and achieve people-powered development as she believes that all that communities require are the tools to empower themselves and with those communities will be able to positively contribute to their communities.

Her immediate goals are to continue working with young people to build an army of self-empowered and self-sufficient individuals who are not afraid to put in the work to achieve their dreams. The one piece of advice that she has for women is that "you have more power than you realize, your dreams and aspirations are valid, and you wouldn't have them if they weren't valid so, please know that no one is coming to save you. Use what you can with what you must make a change in your life, luck always works better if it finds you prepared".

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