Creative Hub Inspirational Women Feature: Khanyiso Ndinisa

Constitution Hill: Khanyiso Ndinisa

Khanyiso Ndinisa

Kha'Iso, home of the shining light, a place were your light shines through your individual style. We are educating, reminding our people of our greatness. I make educational accessories and clothing that are very much influenced by our ancient style of dressing.

As a fulltime mother and a creative, my goal is to normalize working with your kids. Doing things that are authentically you help teach your kids about yourself and how you go about living each day. Our goal as a company is to continue to raise high vibrations, boost self-esteem, self-worth and allow yourself to be free with your individual self.

Be great enough to see others as individuals, the fact that we are different is the very magic of success. Cause individuality make things whole ❣️

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