Alignment to the national curriculum

Making the case for a field trip includes connecting learners’ experiences at Constitution Hill with the National Curriculum Statements and Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) topics, and providing evidence that field trips can help students to learn. Connections between the Constitution Hill educational programme and exhibitions and the CAPS standards and curriculum topics are outlined below for ease of reference.

Foundation phase: Grades 1 to 3

The Children’s Room is a multipurpose facility dedicated to the needs of children in the foundation phase and is focused on the promotion of children’s rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights and constitutional values. It also has a unique contribution to make within the context of the Johannesburg inner city and as a national heritage and cultural resource.

The Children’s Room is central to the mission of Constitution Hill – it is the very place that brings alive the core values that are enshrined on the site. The activities that it offers ensure that the words written on the page of the founding document of our new nation become real and relevant for future generations.

In this space, children and their families are exposed to and come to enact the values and rights of the Constitution through creative and interactive displays and activities. The Children’s Room provides an opportunity for families of different races, classes, ages, religions and nationalities to interact and engage with each other. These interactions speak more loudly than any lofty declarations around freedom and reconciliation. Through the interactions and activities, visitors are given the opportunity to see the nation at work in the making of its democracy.

Please note that the Children's Room is currently undergoing renovations and will be relaunched in early 2017.

Intermediate phase: Grades 4 to 6

CAPS alignment – life skills

  • Grade 4, term 2: Social responsibility – children’s rights and responsibilities as stipulated in the Constitution
  • Grade 5, term 2: Social responsibility – the Bill of Rights
  • Grade 6, term 3: Social responsibility – nation building and cultural heritage

CAPS alignment – social sciences

  • Grade 4, term 1: History project: local history – making a museum display
  • Grade 4, term 2: Learning from leaders
  • Grade 5, term 4: A heritage trail through the provinces of South Africa
  • Grade 6, term 3: History project: life story of a leader
  • Grade 6, term 3: Democracy and citizenship in South Africa

Senior phase: Grades 7 to 9

CAPS alignment – life orientation

Constitutional rights and responsibilities

  • Grade 7, term 2: Human rights as stipulated in the South African Constitution
    • Application of human rights
    • Application of responsibilities in relation to human rights
  •  Grade 8, term 3: Nation building
    • Different ways to promote nation building in different contexts: community, school and home
    • Contributions of women and men towards nation building: individuals and groups
  •  Grade 8, term 3: The concept of human rights violations
    • Types of violations
    • Counter-strategies to violation of human rights
  • Grade 8, term 3: The concept of gender equality
    • Gender-based violence
  •  Grade 9, term 2: Issues relating to constitutional rights and responsibilities
    • Respect for other rights
    • Celebrations of national and international days
  • Grade 9, term2: Constitutional values as stated in the Constitution
    • Positive and negative role models
    • Role models for upholding constitutional values
    • Applying these values in daily life  

CAPS alignment – social sciences

  • Grade 8, term 2: The minerals revolution in South Africa
  • Grade 9, term 3: Turning points in South African history since 1948
  • Grade 9, term 4: Turning points in South African history: 1960, 1976 and 1990

FET phase: Grades 10 to 12

CAPS alignment – history

  • Grade 11, term 4: Apartheid in South Africa: 1940s to 1950s
  • Grade 12, term 2: Civil society protests: 1950s to 1990s
  • Grade 12, term 2: Civil resistance: 1970s to 1980s
  • Grade 12, term 3: Dawn of democracy in South Africa and coming to terms with the past

CAPS alignment – life orientation

  • Grade 10, terms 1 and 4:Democracy and human rights
    • Diversity, discrimination, human rights and violations
    • National and international instruments and conventions
    • Ethical traditions, religious laws and indigenous belief systems
    • Bias and unfair practice in sport
  • Grade 11, terms 1 and 4: Democracy and human rights
    • Participation in democratic structures
    • Role of sport in nation building
    • Contribution of South Africa’s diverse religions and belief systems to a harmonious society
  • Grade 12, term 2: Democracy and human rights
    • Responsible citizenship
    • The role of media in a democratic society
    • Ideologies, beliefs and world views on construction of recreation and physical activity across cultures and genders