The Children's Room

The Constitution Hill is an important site, with relevance to our past and our future. Along with its message of hope, inclusivity and democracy, however, is the reality of past oppression, segregation and violence that took place within its walls. These realities form part of the story Constitution Hill has to tell.

In order to tell this story to children, a safe space has been created. The Children’s Room is a place where kids can learn more about our past and present without feeling uncomfortable or disturbed. And parents and caregivers play a role in this.

The Children’s Room was conceptualised with the community of the Johannesburg inner city in mind as a safe and appropriate space for children to play and learn.

It is aimed at educating children between the ages three and 10, and brings to life children’s rights, as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, in a tactile, fun, interactive and uniquely African way so that children can work alongside their families in beginning to experience and understand their attitudes, feelings, values, responsibility and rights.

The room allows children to explore and interact with the space; to play and create and to express themselves, including through music and storytelling.

The Children’s Room aims to provide links between the Constitution, democracy and the experience of young people in the inner city. Different forms of art, performance, dialogue and craft are used to reach our objectives. These include storytelling, drama, therapy, poetry, praise songs, body mapping, puppetry, music and other fun activities.

Please note the following:

  • Young children (toddlers, five- to eight-year-olds) should be accompanied by caregivers at a ratio of one caregiver to 10 children
  • Older children (nine- to -12-year-olds) should be accompanied by caregivers at a ratio of one chaperone per 15 children
  • Drop-in visits are encouraged; we want caregivers and their children to come with the confidence that there will always be something available for them to do together

Please note that the Children's Room is currently under construction and will reopen in early 2017.

Admission policy

The Children’s Room is aimed at educating children between the ages of three and 10. It is a direct expression of children’s rights, which include protection and creativity. The room by its very nature needs to be made accessible to all children and their families.

For the Children’s Room to be the safe educational space and learning tool it can be, it is vital that young children remain accompanied by caregivers in the room.

Group bookings

Group bookings should be made through the visitor centre sales coordinator. Even though we encourage all crèches and schools to book their time in the room in advance, we do our best to accommodate surprise visits.