Preparing for your school visit

For a preview of what Constitution Hill has in store for you, please visit the pages concerning our school tours and school programmes. There you will find resources and information related to our school offerings to help you plan your visit.

Before your visit

Before your visit, please prepare your students for the museums’ dramatic settings. The experience in the museums can be a very emotional human rights journey – and learners need to be prepared for it. 

Bus drop-off and pick-up

Constitution Hill has a dedicated drop-off area for buses on Constitution Square, with capacity for two to three busses and a turning circle. 

The Queens Street parking area has a capacity of 25 vehicles as well as dedicated bus parking bays situated at the top of the street, which can be reserved for use by tourists buses. CCTV surveillance cameras are in place and the area is monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are running late

In the event of unexpected delays, please call as soon as possible to advise us at 011 381 3100. If the education programme cannot start at the time indicated on your confirmation letter, the programme may be shortened to finish on time. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late without informing us beforehand, we cannot guarantee your reserved programme or tour.

School arrival and check-in at the Visitor Centre

We recommend that your group arrives a minimum of 20 minutes before the scheduled start of your programme to give students enough time to go to the washroom before it begins. If you arrive late without notice, we cannot guarantee your reserved programme or tour.

Once at the Visitor Centre, please have one of the group’s adults check in at the information desk to make or confirm your payment. If you have prepaid or paid by purchase order, you will still need to check in at the ticketing and information desk. If you are paying on arrival you will need to pay for the number of participants indicated on your School Booking Contract, unless you provided revised numbers at least 48 hours in advance by calling 011 381 3100, or by emailing If not, additional charges will apply.

Your guide will meet your group at the visitor centre. Students will receive a brief welcome and orientation to the Constitution Hill before proceeding with their visit or programme

Personal belongings

A bag storage area will be assigned to your group, free of charge. We do not have lockable storage, so we ask that all valuable items (including mobile devices) be left at home or at school. Backpacks are not allowed inside the galleries and must be left behind in the education room.

Special requirements

The site is fully accessible. If you have any special requirements in addition to those identified at the time of booking, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to help us accommodate your needs. Please remind your tour guide before your programme starts about any considerations that need to be taken into account with regards to language levels or other aptitude. 


You are welcome to bring your own lunch to Constitution Hill, which will need to be left with your belongings in the education room while you are enjoying your school tour or programme. We also offer packed lunches if required. Please contact our Visitor Centre for more information on options and prices.

If you’ve let us know that you will be eating lunch, we will have an eating area set aside for you. 

Adult supervision

Teachers and adult helpers have an important role to play in ensuring school programmes run smoothly. We will need your help to keep the group together, assist us with any special requirements that we are accommodating, and to support the delivery of activities. 

Teachers, required adult helpers and dedicated student helpers receive free admission on a school programme visit based on the following guidelines: 

  • Foundation phase: one adult for every 10 students, plus one adult for any part thereof (for example, 36 students = four adults)
  • Intermediate grades: one adult for every 15 students, plus one adult for any part thereof (for example, 36 students = three adults)
  • Dedicated adult helpers for students with special needs are always welcome to accompany for free
  • Other helpers accompanying the group exceeding these guidelines will pay general admission rates

Briefing and debriefing sessions

Upon meeting the group, the education tour guide will distribute workbooks to both learners and educators to be used during the visit. Learners and educators will be able to take these materials home. Learners will then be divided into groups of 30 accompanied by an educator and the tour guide. It is compulsory that educators take part in the whole programme.

Following this, the learners, together with their educators, will go through an interactive and fully involved excursion of the site. This will be completed by a debriefing session in the lekgotla space. The debriefing session is to allow learners to express their experiences and inner feelings about our horrific past and our bright future. 

Constitution Hill code of conduct

We ask that all learners and educators abide by the following code of conduct while visiting Constitution Hill:

  • No running
  • No sitting on ramp ledges 
  • No rough play, shoving or throwing
  • No shouting 
  • Do not lean against the walls, and do not touch objects in the exhibition spaces (please note that this rule is not meant to create a hostile atmosphere but are crucial in helping us preserve the exhibits)
  • No eating, drinking and/or smoking in the exhibition space
  • Respect other visitors in the galleries and exhibitions
  • Put mobile devices on silent during the tour so you don’t disturb others on the tour
  • Stay with your group and your guide at all times
  • Speak one at a time
  • Leave the site as you found it – this is your heritage site
  • Think, ask, reflect and enjoy being here; take away knowledge about our past, and hope for our future
  • Teachers and adult helpers are responsible for the behaviour of their group at all times
  • Please follow the instructions of guides and other museum employees in the museums
  • Constitution Hill reserves the right to refuse or dismiss any group for misconduct

Social media and photography

The Constitution Hill precinct has free Wi-Fi access and social media interaction is encouraged by posting and using the hashtags #visitconhill, #iamconstitution and #thehistoryofourfuture and by joining conversations on our social media platforms. We allow full photography as it adds to the visitor experience and we encourage visitors to share their photographs on social media. 

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Additional information

Not sure what programme best suits your needs? Have any other questions or concerns about your visit? Please call 011 381 3100 or email us at