Goodbye Malaria, an innovative solution to an African problem 

Constitution Hill:

Goodbye Malaria – a social benefit organisation – is an African-run initiative with the goal of eliminating malaria, a preventable disease that still kills a child every 2 minutes. Founded by concerned African entrepreneurs including Robbie Brozin (Co-Founder of Nando’s), Goodbye Malaria believes our generation can create innovative solutions that ultimately change the way the world sees Africa. The initiative facilitates public-private partnerships, bringing together the private sector, the governments of Mozambique, Eswatini and South Africa as well as The Global Fund whilst supporting and catalysing on-the-ground malaria elimination programmes.

“Through our public-private partnership, we have brought private sector skills and mindset, fostering an impact driven culture to tackle a public health challenge.” Sherwin Charles, Co-Founder and CEO Goodbye Malaria.

Goodbye Malaria’s flagship programme is LSDI2, a cross-border, regional programme working in South Africa, Eswatini and Mozambique.

Mozambique, as a high malaria transmission country, shares 3% of the global malaria burden while Swaziland and South Africa are low transmission countries. This makes it a strategic area to tackle if elimination in Southern Africa is to be achieved. Most of the work undertaken by the programme is therefore focused on Southern Mozambique.

The key malaria intervention of the programme is Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS). Not only does it protect the community from malaria but sprayers are recruited locally, creating much-needed employment. 

Constitution Hill:

During the 2019-2020 IRS spray season, their dedicated team of over 2 000 (majority female) boots on the ground sprayed 454,581 houses, protecting 1,736,986 people in Southern Mozambique.

The organization aims to raise further awareness and funding for malaria programs by driving cause-related marketing actions as well through their range of causal merchandise made by local communities and crafters via social entrepreneurship groups in efforts to shape societal transformations through education and economic empowerment. You can shop their range online at

“Eliminating malaria by 2030 in Southern Africa is a big dream. But it’s one that can be achieved. There’s a lot of work to be done; more so with the proliferation of COVID-19. With care, integrity and true grit, we truly believe as Africans we can say; hamba kahle, sala kakuhle, adios and Goodbye Malaria. For good.” –Sherwin Charles

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