Youth Month Stories-Belita Andre

Constitution Hill: Belita Andre

Belita Andre

My name is Belita Andre. I am a poet, writing facilitator and copywriter. Although currently based in Johannesburg, my birth took place in Pomfret, North West, and I am 22 years old this year.

The poetry began at the age of nine and was only truly explored outside of school once I turned seventeen. My cultural background is a rich one, this I believe has great influence on my perspective of the 21stcentury and its reflection in my work. The lunge into poetry as a career happened as soon as I matriculated. The mission was to prove that I can build a sustainable and fulfilling life from my art. This has obviously not been easy. The main reason my journey allows me to represent the body of a rapidly expanding African poetry industry, is the fact that I have opened myself up to learning as I go. 

This encouraged me to start offering workshops. I’d attended quite a few of them myself and felt that I was in a position to share the knowledge I’ve gathered so far. The aim of these workshops are to improve the body of work that people use to represent themselves. Be it on paper or on a stage, meeting the best version of yourself requires simple adjustments to an individual’s technique. Overall, I believe that this will assist the youth in the confidence and understanding they need to ‘be their own boss’. I have offered these workshops for free for the past 2 years and currently offer them in collaboration with Pick Me Up Poetry. One on one classes are charged but generally public sessions are free.

The first step is believing in yourself. If you cannot trust yourself why would anyone else? Learn that it is okay to take risks, it is okay to fall, however,  don’t you ever stop believing in yourself.

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