Youth Month Stories- Mandla Qwabe

My name is Mandla Qwabe -Power “Amandla”

I am currently based in Kanyamazane, Mbombela and I am a creative entrepreneurial officer. As an entrepreneur, film maker and sole trader, I lead a company under my name “Mandla Qwabe Creations, where I provide training and skills development platforms for aspiring artists. I possess the power to empower myself and those who are in need for empowerment.

 I am currently running a project called “Artist in Business Leadership workshop 2020” which is being coordinated online from the 6th- 30th of June 2020. A shout out to the National Arts Council (NAC) for giving me a vote of confidence with their grant support, this enables me to continue with my work despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa and the world. These workshops aim to empower aspiring artists by developing them in entrepreneurial and administration skills, ways to run their own business, access funding, sell their products and most importantly, be accountable leaders.

I would like to see the youth of today elevate themselves. We are no longer living in the industrial age; we are living in the age of information, digitization, and technology. I think young people should adapt quickly and see this period as an opportunity and not a threat. I also believe that the youth’s approach on life challenges should progress, especially in vulnerable rural communities. Instead of saying ’I cannot do this, there are no opportunities whatsoever’, one should ask ‘how can I do this, how can I create opportunities for myself and my community?’.

 This is my 33rd youth month experience and I wish the best for the youth in various industries, be it in the arts or any other venture. Let us continue to do our best in doing what we love and remember the importance of Ubuntu and self-respect.


Constitution Hill: Mandla Qwabe

Mandla Qwabe

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