Museum Week 2022: Culture, Society & Innovation

Constitution Hill: Who is a Criminal Exhibition at ConHill

Who is a Criminal Exhibition at ConHill

In an everchanging global landscape, we are proud to be a living and active museum. Consistently striving to support society, economy, tourism and the creative sector Constitution Hill has much to offer the world. This year’s #MuseumWeek theme resonates deeply with the work that is carried out on the Hill! In kicking off this year’s commemoration we want to share the ICOM (International Council of Museums) with you our audience to add more significance in our participation.

Not only does the week-long commemoration allow us to showcase our museum and its exhibitions; it also allows us to showcase South Africans and our achievements to the world! Be sure to follow us between the 13th and 19th of June 2022 to learn more!

“In a hyper-connected, hyper-globalized world, in which consciousness and hopes are being forged online, in a complex, rapidly changing world that is facing major challenges that concern all of humanity, we believe that cultural organizations have a fundamental role to play. They can accompany the audiences in these changes, prepare and structure minds, be the crucible of more agile societies in the face of the changes brought by digital technology, be the catalysts of more creative societies and more involved in their own future. Thus, in 2022, #MuseumWeek will focus on the theme of "culture, society and innovation".

Constitution Hill:

It is in this context and on this occasion that we wish to focus particularly on two universes which deserve and require investment:

Cultural institutions: What functions must they now occupy and what is the place of technology in these changes? What is their role regarding the connected audiences? What uses for augmented reality in the museum space? Should they be deployed in the metaverse

Creation: Blockchain technology and NFTs are shaking up the artworld, and artists, content creators and galleries. Artists now seem to be able to free themselves from galleries, how are their respective roles now changed?

The purpose of this ninth edition of #MuseumWeek will therefore be to create: the opportunity for cultural organizations to address social issues and to accompany the perception of connected audiences, sharing historical, scientific, artistic content, etc., through the traditional campaign "7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags »

The opportunity for cultural professionals to share around the issue of innovation for culture and their own raison d'être in the digital age, through the organization of Talks, masterclasses, tutorials, and other digital moments »

Key topics: democratization of Art and creation, Art and NFTs, Metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality and museology, social networks and cultural mediation, Digital inclusiveness, Social listening and cultural digital campaigns, Access to culture for all”

Constitution Hill:

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