Vision, mission and guiding principles

Constitution Hill is guided by a vision, mission and a set of principles, all of which serve to recognise its legacy, and make it important and relevant for current and future generations.


Constitution Hill is a heritage, tourism and educational precinct that expresses the values of South Africa’s Constitution and renders them physical for a broad range of audiences.


Constitution Hill strives to create and sustain programmes that build and express the character of the precinct as:

  • A global beacon for human rights, democracy and reconciliation, driven by public participation
  • A vantage point that gives us an understanding of our society in transition
  • A lekgotla where we meet to talk to each other and celebrate our diversity
  • A gateway from which to explore Johannesburg and its diverse tourism attractions
  • A catalyst for the regeneration of inner-city Johannesburg
  • A sustainable mixed-use development whose growth is incremental and evolutionary
  • A world-class tourist destination that will draw tourists from around the country and the world

Guiding principles

Constitution Hill is guided by the following principles:

  • Constitution Hill’s sustainability is contingent on its success as a mixed-use development
  • Constitution Hill’s sustainability is also contingent on its success as a key destination for those seeking an in-depth heritage, educational and tourist experience
  • Constitution Hill is a major tourist destination and will also serve as the gateway to Afropolitan Johannesburg and its tourism attractions
  • Constitution Hill’s development is driven by its unique position as a place where both the difficulties of the past and the possibilities of the future can be experienced
  • Constitution Hill is an extroverted, programme-driven campus fuelled by public participation