Celebrate 30 Years of Democracy at the "Voices and Visions" Art Exhibition – Dialogue & Workshop

Constitution Hill:

Celebrate 30 Years of Democracy at the "Voices and Visions" Art Exhibition

Join us at the iconic heritage living museum Constitution Hill at the Old Fort from April 26th to May 5th, 2024, to commemorate a milestone—30 years of democracy in South Africa—with the transformative "Voices and Visions" art exhibition. As we reflect on the journey of identity, change, and resilience, this exhibit connects us to the voices of Johannesburg's most compelling artists, each narrating a unique story of struggle and evolution through their art.

Featuring the profound works of Bongani Mabula, Velaphi Kumwenda, Eaz, Tendai Dlamini, Charles Marriott, and Giovanni Colombi, these artists bring their diverse perspectives and artistic explorations to bear on the themes of inclusion, identity, and transformation within the South African context.

From left to right: Velaphi Kumwenda; Tendai Dlamini; Giovanni Colombi; Eaz; Bongani Mabula; & Charles Marriott.

Bongani Mabula: "Bongani Mabula captures the raw and unfiltered realities of township life, using a vibrant mix of oil paint, charcoal, and recycled paper collages to tell powerful stories of cultural and political struggle."

Velaphi Kumwenda: "Through his meticulous pen and line work, Velaphi Kumwenda channels the subtle vibrations of human expressions, offering an insightful peek into the nuanced dynamics of street life in Johannesburg."

Eaz: "Eaz's art transcends the conventional, blending graffiti's bold vibrancy with a profound anonymity that invites viewers to explore the complexities of urban life and personal identity."

Tendai Dlamini: "Specializing in ceramic and mixed media sculptures, Tendai Dlamini molds his African heritage into tangible forms that explore societal transformations and the artist's role in narrating communal histories."

Charles Marriott: "Charles Marriott’s art, a blend of abstract expressionism and figurative nuances, delves into life's fragility and complexities, drawing on diverse influences from traditional African textiles to Muslim calligraphy."

Giovanni Colombi: "Giovanni Colombi's abstract expressionism and documentary photography weave a rich tapestry of Soweto’s cultural legacy, exploring deep subconscious realms through his enigmatic 'Yellowishman' series.

"Voices and Visions" is not just an art show; it's an opportunity to engage with the past and imagine the future of our nation. The artworks span various mediums and styles, each piece echoing the vibrancy and complexity of South Africa's journey since its first democratic vote in 1994. From the abstract and introspective works of Giovanni Colombi to Bongani Mabula's raw, narrative-driven pieces, the exhibition offers a mosaic of expressions that encapsulate our collective experiences and aspirations.

Constitution Hill: Tendai Dlamini's Sculpture

Tendai Dlamini's Sculpture

Event Details:

Location: Old Fort, Johannesburg

Exhibition Dates: April 26th - May 5th, 2024

Opening Event: April 26th at 12:30 PM during the workshop lunch break.


This event is held in conjunction with the Democracy and Human Rights Workshop, aimed at promoting inclusivity and countering disinformation during critical times. Partnering with organizations like Rainbow Refuge Africa and Lawyers for Human Rights, we are proud to support a platform for meaningful dialogue and community engagement.

The opening event is fully booked, however, you can register to join online:

Constitution Hill:

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