Constitution Hill launches new website

Constitution Hill, one of South Africa’s most important and iconic sites, has been taken to the next stage of its digital life. Welcome to the new Constitution Hill website, which offers everything you need to make your visit to Constitution Hill, from practical information to detailed, thought-provoking content and dynamic imagery.

The website offers a virtual representation of what you will experience at the site (although, of course, nothing beats visiting in person). Information is offered on Constitution Hill's complex journey from a site of incarceration and oppression in Johannesburg's early days and during the dark times of apartheid, to a place of justice and the preservation of human rights after the dawn of South Africa's democracy in 1994.

The site is intuitive and easy to navigate and is  responsive – no matter what your device you’re using, you’ll find that the site responds with ease.

As you explore the home page, be sure to delve deeper into the “read mores” where you’ll find a library of information on the precinct and its historic past.

Constitution Hill has five different museums to choose from, each grounded in its own story. You can click and visually explore each of these sites, from the Old Fort to the Women’s Jail, the old Number Four prison, the Awaiting Trial Block and the Constitutional Court.

Constitution Hill:

Investigate the many tours we offer and purchase a ticket via our “book a tour” button, explore each of our permanent and temporary exhibitions, and be sure to diarise the host of events we have coming your way through our online calendar.

Looking for an iconic space to host your next event? Or perhaps you’re looking for the ideal location to shoot a film? When it comes to hosting events, we’ve created a venue database so that you can easily browse the many options.

We also encourage you to engage with us through our #IAMCONSTITUTION campaign, which runs throughout the year. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the value of the South African Constitution and its role in the life of every South African citizen. You can also tell us your story through our share your story initiative, and read about others who have been brave enough to share theirs. 

An interactive timeline will allow you to explore the site visually, from 1892, when Paul Kruger, the President of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR), sanctioned the building of the first high-security prison on a strategic hill overlooking central Johannesburg and prison labour was used to construct the prison, to the opening of the new Constitutional Court in February, 2004. 

This is Constitution Hill as you’ve never seen it before. This is our story, living and breathing and available for all, online and in person.

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