Winnie Wakanda Washington-Drag Queen Diaries

My name is Winnie Wakanda Washington, I am a South African drag queen currently based in Vietnam. I am a co-organizer of Wet Drag Night, a monthly themed drag show in the city of Hanoi as well as co-host of The Drag Orphanage Podcast, a weekly show that helps drag queens without traditional drag families figure out some drag.

Lots of Love Zuko, Kobe and Richard

The decision to adopt as a single parent was never a decision at all.

I always wanted kids, yeah, we imagine a knight in shining armour, but my career always took center stage and as I reached my mid 30s it became clear it was just less complicated to do it on my own.

Umlilo - Fighting fire with fire

Umlilo - Fighting fire with fire

October is pride month in South Africa, and this got me thinking a lot about the queer icons that paved the way for the South African landscape we know today.

The Black Queer Body

Neo Diseko is a Johannesburg based Visual artist. They obtained their National Diploma in Fine art (2016) and a btech (2017) at the University of Johannesburg.

How far we have come. How far we still have to go!

Many years ago, when I was young and fuelled with passion to change the world, I took part in South Africa’s first ever Gay Pride March in Johannesburg. It was also the first Pride March on our continent, and those who participated were brave warriors.